Honest counsel that protects employers.


Our Mission

Positive workplaces where employees and their rights are respected are best for any enterprise's bottom line. Not only do such workplaces help employers attract and retain the best talent, they foster productivity and reduce liability.

Managing employees can be confusing. Even the most well-meaning employer can make costly mistakes without proper guidance. We can help you avoid pitfalls and stay on the right side of federal, state, and local employment laws. We are your partners for creating a workplace that both protects your business and helps it thrive. Consult with us to learn how to avert liability and do what is best for your business and your employees.

As a modern employer you have to treat people well.
— James Dyson

What We DO for Employers

We advise employers who want to do the right thing for themselves and their employees.  Our services include:

  • Drafting employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and separation or severance agreements

  • Preparing employee handbooks including policies and procedures

  • Counseling on compliance with wage and overtime laws, family and medical leave, disability and religious accommodations

  • Conducting mandatory anti-sexual harassment/sexual harassment prevention and Equal Employment Opportunity training

  • Performing internal workplace investigations

  • Advising on workplace diversity and inclusion

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